Legal terms

Legal terms

About the site

This page includes all legal information regarding operation of the website.

Legal information

Conception (texts, architecture, art direction, graphic design)

5 rue Ferdinand Buisson
92110 Clichy - France

Gilles de Beauchêne

Web development
36, rue Réaumur
75003 Paris

Publication director :
Stéphanie Tourres

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WALTERSPERGER Verreries et Cristalleries
Form : Société par actions simplifiée under French law.
Company capital : 300,000 euros.
Headquarters : 5 avenue de la Gare, 76340 Blangy, France.
Telephone: +33 (0) 2 35 93 50 68
R.C. Dieppe - SIREN 839 050 234 - SIRET 839 050 234 000 18 - T.V.A. INTRACOM FR 35 839 050 234

Ownership and responsibility

The website is owned by Waltersperger. Waltersperger is responsible for all information contained on the website. However, Waltersperger is not responsible for contents found on:

  • External websites to which Waltersperger’s website provides a link,
  • Sites that include a link to Websites that reproduce contents from without authorization. Note: Sites containing material that is controversial, pornographic, hateful or otherwise inappropriate are prohibited from including a link to contents on.
Respecting copyright law

All online contents on the website are covered by applicable French and international copyright laws. Thus, by virtue of Article L. 122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, any reproduction of contents made without prior consent of Waltersperger shall be prohibited. To reproduce any contents, please email your request to our webmaster at webmaster. Please include:

Exception for the Catalogue
The Catalogue section enables users to download and print the Walterperger catalogue of standard glass containers. The information can therefore be reproduced, without restriction, partially or in its entirety, insofar as the information is accompanied by all mandatory legal acknowledgements, including the Waltersperger logo.

Using site contents website must only be used for personal, associative or professional purposes. Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly forbidden. In general, it is preferable to include links to Waltersperger website contents rather than a full reproduction of contents, which must remain as limited as possible.

Links to contents
The website authorizes other Internet websites to include links to its contents. This authorization is valid for any site except for those containing material that is controversial, pornographic, hateful or otherwise inappropriate.

Reproduction of contents
Note: all contents on the website, except for news section, are subject to copyright laws (see – “Respecting copyright law” above). Therefore, they can not be reproduced without prior consent. Reproduction of any site contents whatsoever must be accompanied by:

  • The author’s name (when provided),
  • The reference “published on the Waltersperger Group website at” This reference must provide a link to the original contents online.

At the end of each reproduction of contents, the reference “all rights reserved” must be included.

Processing personal data/ Data Protection Act
If you subscribe to one of our distribution lists or you send an email to our webmaster, then in many cases, Waltersperger’s website at may gather and store information about you including your email address and full contact information. These data are subject to the “Data Protection Act” of January 6, 1978. This guarantees confidentiality of all data collected. For more information on this law, visit the website of the CNIL (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties)

Note : Article 27 of the Data Protection Act gives you the right to gain access to, rectify, modify or delete your personal data. You may exercise this right with regards to any personal information about you collected by :

  • By sending an email to our webmaste : click here
  • Or by writing to us at the following address: Waltersperger, 5 avenue de la Gare, 76340 Blangy, France

Practical information
Do you need additional visuals or technical specifications? Email your request to our webmaster .