PCD Innovation Awards Spotlight | L’Or de J’adore

PCD Innovation Awards Spotlight | L’Or de J’adore

PCD Innovation Awards Spotlight | L’Or de J’adore

April 8, 2024

In December 2023, our prestigious jury of brands including Chanel, Dior, Interparfums and many others gathered to judge the PCD Innovation Awards. The finalists and winners were announced, recognised and applauded at Paris Packaging Week 2024.

Limited Edition Pack: exceptional products < 2000 pieces

Please describe the brief for the pack. What were the objectives for the innovation project? What were the requirements and constraints?

The brief was to develop an art piece designed specifically by Jean-Michel Othoniel for J’adore l’Or. This piece had to strictly follow the design, the materials and the finish. 100 signed and numbered pieces had to be produced.

This piece is made of a bead structure in bronze, in which the crystal bottle and bronze cap are resting. Without the bead structure, the bottle can’t stand on its own: it was a requirement from JMO. The bronze cap had to fit perfectly on the crystal bottle.

A key point to keep the design and the vision from the artist was to achieve perfectly round shape beads.

How did the pack fulfil the brief? Please describe the technical innovations in the pack and the challenges they address

We worked closely with the beads structure manufacturer to ensure that all the bottles would fit perfectly without falling. The beads structure is made of seven petals, assembled and welded very precisely together. We used a lost wax casting process combined with 3D-printed wax for each petal, to create the final piece.

Another challenge was all the work on the bronze cap and the crystal bottle to ensure that it would always fit perfectly, despite the technical constraints of each manufacturing process.

Why do you believe this pack deserves to win an Innovation Award?

We were very proud to meet Jean-Michel Othoniel expectations for this art piece, reflecting his long life commitment with DIOR. The art piece was showcased for the first time in his exhibition in New York early September 2023.

Despite using manual processes to manufacture all the components, we ensured the high quality and uniqueness of the 100 pieces. We worked closely internally and with the suppliers to ensure a successful launch.

This project showcase how a French Artist and a French Luxury House can combine their heritage to develop a masterpiece.

Who did you work with on this project?

We worked with French artisans for this art piece :

Beads Structure and Outer Cap : Fonderie Fusions

All the components in crystal (pearl on top of the cap, bottle and cap): Waltersperger

Technical inner cap: Natta

DIOR marketing team worked in collaboration with Studio Othoniel.