Amber glass meets brass for Parfums d’Orsay

Amber glass meets brass for Parfums d’Orsay

Article from Luxe Packaging Insight (Formes de Luxe) published on 02/09/2021

By Katie Nichol

French niche brand Parfums d’Orsay has launched a line of made-in-France candles that combine amber glass and gold accents.

The candle collection comprises three sizes, with the largest (250g) mounted on a brass ring.

The largest candle jar (Waltersperger) was challenging to manufacture on account of the finesse of the vertical ridges lining the inside. Lacquered amber (Val Laquage) and hotstamped with the brand’s monogram in gold (Nigermat), the jar features an engraving on the back. A gold-colored ring (Quennehen), machined from a single piece of brass and then polished, is affixed to the base.

The candle is housed in a coffret (Adine) made from Bagdad Brown paper and featuring an orange Color Matt band (Gmund). The box is screenprinted with the brand’s name, while its coat of arms is marked in gold.

Also part of the range are an 80g and 190g candle (Soflac), which unlike the 250g version are housed in jars with a smooth surface, but lacquered in the same amber shade (Val Laquage) and screenprinted gold.

The candles are poured in France using artisanal techniques and are designed to be refillable. A mix of mineral and plant-based material is used for the wax, while the hand placed, double-braided wicks are 100% cotton.

The 80g candle retails at €30, the 190g at €60 and the 250g at €130.

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