Dior brings back Bobby fragrance flacon for 2021

Dior brings back Bobby fragrance flacon for 2021

Article from Luxe Packaging Insight (Formes de Luxe) published on 01/12/2021

By Katie Nichol

Parfums Christian Dior has recreated its iconic perfume flacon launched in 1952, unveiling a numbered, limited edition of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

Launched in 1952 for Miss Dior to celebrate Christian Dior’s favorite dog, Bobby, the canine flacon has been revived this year to bottle Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. The ambitious project, due to its form, was overseen by Waltersperger, the last semi-automatic glassmaker in France.

The bottle required complex molding. “This was a very challenging project,” comments Stephanie Tourres, CEO of Waltersperger. “Parfums Dior came to us with the original flacon from 1952, and we had to devise a solution to reproduce what is a very complex shape. The cap, in the shape of a dog’s head, called for a five-part mold, and the body also demanded a complex mold. We had to reproduce the original bottle as faithfully as possible, while using semi-automatic production.”

The flacon is frosted (Gerard Pariche), and the cap is decorated with the dog’s features in black (Nigermat). “It’s a cinch to decorate a flat surface,” quips Tourres, “but decorating the form of a dog’s head was a major challenge for Nigermat.”

The transparent PP label (Printor Packaging) is screenprinted with the text “J’appartiens à Miss Dior” (“I belong to Miss Dior”) in black and then laquered. It is glued to the bottle (ICA).

Textiles specialist Safrane, which works for Ateliers Couture Dior, created the bow that adorns the dog’s neck. Cut from a few square centimeters of fabric and in a mini black and cream houndstooth, one of the maison’s iconic prints, the bow is hand embroidered with beads to create flowers inspired by a 1947 Miss Dior dress and Raf Simons’ more abstract flowers from the autumn-winter 2012-13 couture collection.

Each of the micro-tubular pink, purple and ecru glass beads is hand stitched in place to create a seemingly random pattern – the “vermicelli” gradation is in fact the result of a meticulous process designed to obtain the effect of a light sprinkling. More than 100 beads are stitched on each ribbon.

Launching on January 18 in France, Bobby, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is priced at €450. Some 3,000 flacons were produced.