Maison Ferrand’s Légendaire cognac invites discovery

Article from Luxe Packaging Insight (Formes de Luxe) published on 09/22/2020

By Katie Nichol

The packaging of Maison Ferrand’s Ferrand Cognac Légendaire, which launched this month, takes its inspiration from the brand’s 19th century ancestral seat in Segonzac, France.

“The packaging is informed by different elements found at the Manoir de Mademoiselle,” Pierre Casteuble, Artistic Director at Maison Ferrand, explains to Luxe Packaging Insight, from the decanter’s stopper evoking the intricate entry gates to the hand-shaped knocker on the coffret that is a nod to its imposing front door.

The neck of the lead crystal decanter (Waltersperger) features an intricate design: gadroons are encircled by a narrow band covered with a metal plate, while injected zamak detailing adorns the facing and one side. The label and stopper are also made of zamak.

“We were able to overcome the technical difficulty of having to match up very fine and delicate pieces and then shape them to the curves of the decanter,” explains Casteuble. A patina was added, and the zamak was then milled so as to avoid any abrasions on the decanter.

“This was a very challenging project,” explains Stéphanie Tourres, president of Waltersperger, France’s last semi-automatic glassmaker. “There is a lot of detail in the crystal on the neck and the side of the bottle, which also has a center indent on the front and back where the label is positioned.” Achieving an even distribution of glass was a feat due to the weight of the decanter, and much of the work was done manually,” she adds.

Légendaire is housed in a wooden coffret made from MDF with a walnut veneer, while the lid is made from solid, engraved walnut backed with bamboo. “We needed the piece to have a certain thickness to able to deeply engrave the wood,” explains Casteuble.

The inside of the coffret is lined in polyester printed with a toile de jouy motif. The lid is opened via a sliding mechanism on two rails, and demands less space than coffrets that open outwards. The plaque and hand detail that adorn the box are made from zinc.

Légendaire is a limited-edition of 500 coffrets, priced at €2,700 for 70cl.