Revived heritage brand Bienaimé introduces new fragrance introduces new fragrance

Revived heritage brand Bienaimé introduces new fragrance introduces new fragrance

Revived heritage brand Bienaimé introduces new fragrance

Article en anglais de Katie Nichol paru le 27/06/2023 dans Formes de Luxe.

Maison Bienaimé, a heritage fragrance brand revived by entrepreneur Cécilia Mergui in 2021, has launched its fourth fragrance. Dubbed Fleurs d’été, eau de parfum comes in the brand’s iconic art deco-inspired packaging.

After launching in November 2021 with three archive-inspired scents, Bienaimé introduced a new fragrance in spring 2023. Fleurs d’été’s bespoke flacon (Waltersperger) is produced via a semi-automatic glassmaking process and features the brand name engraved in the mold. The label (HAAS – Inessens) uses Fedrigoni’s Tintoretto Gesso paper. It is screenprinted in three shades and embellished with screenprinted relief varnish on the product name.

A golden-colored cap in the shape of a shell crowns the bottle. The flacon can be refilled by unscrewing the pump – Aptar Beauty + Home’s La Petite model – and using the accompanying funnel.

For the secondary packaging, cylindrical paperboard boxes sheathed in paper are printed in pink and red. A removable, paperboard insert means the boxes can be repurposed; to hold jewelry or pens, for example.

Fleurs d’été retails at €150 for 75ml. Composed by perfumer Patrice Revillard (Maelstrom), the eau de parfum blends notes of bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla and musk.

Bienaimé adds candles to its collection

Maison Bienaimé also unveiled its first candles in autumn 2022. The candle is made in the South of France using vegetal wax. The faceted porcelain jar –the work of an artisan in Portugal– is hand painted by a ceramic artist and adorned with an embossed, metallic gold facing label (HAAS – Inessens). Both the candle jar and outer packaging are designed to be kept and reused. The candle is priced at €85 for 215g.

Bienaimé is just one of a handful of French heritage brands to have been revived in recent years, along with the likes of Cherigan, AB 1882, and Véronique Coty’s Spoturno 1921. Entrepreneur Cécilia Mergui relaunched Bienaimé with the aim of reviving the creations of French perfumer Robert Bienaimé, whose eponymous brand founded in 1935 had been dormant since the sixties following his death.

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